the whole street was out looking at these orange objects in the sky

Submitted by topman1111 on Sun, 07/26/2009 - 08:56.

i was lying in bed on 25th july 2009 in halifax uk i could hear loads of people sreaming from outside,it was 22.30pm on saturday night.

theres usually a lot of noise on a saturday night but this was different,i went into the front bedroom and the whole street was out side looking up at the sky.

there was a big black cloud in the sky , but under neath the cloud was

two bright orange lights they where heading towards us, at first i thought they were planes

since we live not far from the leeds bradford airport.but then from no where another two appeared next to the other two lights everyone in the street was gobbed smacked (what are they)

then one by one they went straight up into the clouds and totally disappeared,the wierd thing is there was totaly no sound.

after the last light had dissappeared a bigger orange light appeared in the distance

i shouted to my girlfriend get the phone and put video mode on,we started recording

it headed towards us stopped then went straight up and dissappeared,i captured about five seconds on film but even wierdier my phone went dead.

i hope somebody caught all of this on video .