Warnings from UFO to keep off from base near Östersund.

Submitted by Sten-Åke Dahl on Wed, 11/18/2009 - 16:23.

I will add this warning after telling the story about the UFO base in lake Storsjön : we are too close now. Keep off this base and other if we find them! They are breeding new animals suited to the evolving new era and they don´t accept disturbances in their work. We got to live side by side until it suites them to contact us. The warning was send to me on the evening after I had told the responsible marine archeolog the result of my analysis of the sonar picture from 1997. Search for this picture on Google : Storsjöodjuret bilder- click on the text above four pictures- click on a picture that shows a number of "fried eggs" and which have been marked with a red marker and a text : " vad är detta ?"= what is that?. Use a magnifying glass to study this remarkable picture in detail.  After the phone call I went down to the bridge in our small harbour at the fjord. I was watching the clear sky for while around half past 10 am. Then the northern of the two crafts appeared, leaving it´s position above the entrance of the Gullmarsfjord. I followed the elektro magnetic white engine light thinking : " I can see you are leaving nortwards to Östersund." I shouldn´t have said Östersund! The light disappeared and after a few seconds I received an intense, white blink in my direction. I was stunned and answered that I was standing on the bridge down in the harbour. Then, from an area above our house, the invincible craft omitte"d one more lightning right into my eyes. I got scared for the first time and thought : Yes, I´ve found your base but I promise I´ll try to prevent others from disturbing You!"  Well, I did´nt succeded and now those warned have to keep off. But will they?