Submitted by EDT3107 on Tue, 12/08/2009 - 10:49.

I have recently witnessed a thing that was not from this world, infact it was pointed out to me by my girlfriend that spotted it while we were on the roof of our townhouse complex. I have watched alot of UFO clips on the internet, maybe even all, and I have seen what Hollywood present as their iterpitation of what a UFO must look like, and let me tell you straight off none of the creations on the net or on the silver screen looks anything like the real thing and it doesnt propel through the air like our creations the way it moves is simple unreal and it does not have any "bright lights" like everybody describes, in fact there was no lights except the bright moon light of the night, and off course the bright city light sky in the near distance.

I looked up after she yelled what is that, I looked up and all i could say was WTF, it was shapeless, brown grayish like dark colour that shifts tones as it moves, the last shape the i could remember is like a trampesium shape as it cut accros the sky like a hot knive through butter, no noise at all. It didnt fly in a arc like our planes do, and it doesnt really matter how many marks we try and fly you can always see the plane or craft and there is hardly ever any sound. This thing was huge and it flew in a strange straight path directy above me i watched it disapear in the night horizon with no sound and no light. I am glad that there was 2 of us watching this thing and not one person, but it really doesnt matter how many people we tell everybody is sceptical of what we say.


Eugene du Toict de Triste