UFO in Stormy Skies Over England

Submitted by UFO Guy on Fri, 11/07/2008 - 17:49.





I was taking photos once again of the skies outside my friends house in Colley Gate/Stourbridge/England at 11.55am, 30/09/2008. The weather has been very stormy lately & I know that during storms I personally have captured 'unknowns' more often than in any other weather conditions.

Anyway... I took around 15 pic's with my Samsung p1000  10.2 M Pixel digi camera, and upon looking into the LCD screen I saw nothing, but undeterred I loaded them to my P.C, for a closer look on the larger computer screen. I sat there patiently scanning every picture, until I came to 'this one', I went to wipe the screen thinking it was a speck of dirt. That’s when I realised it was a black dot in the sky! It can be seen to the lower/right of the screen above the tree line, I included three pics taken with 4 seconds apart. It appears in just one, photo 21. So I zoomed, if you ask me it’s not a conventional air craft. In fact it has the appearance of a 'classic saucer' shape.

UFO Close Up