UFO Seen in 1974

Submitted by Tarentino on Thu, 07/24/2008 - 06:03.

When I lived in Rhodesia before the independence, it was still British colonized and if I recall correctly the last Prime Minister of Rhodesia was Ian Smith. I lived on a farm with my parents and my brother and sister.

There were no schools around there so my parents put me in a Fort Victoria Junior Primary Boarding School, which I recently learned the name was Andrew Louw School. It was located in a rural area on the outskirts of Fort Victoria City, The school was surrounded by a high electrical fence because of terrorism. In Fort Victoria they have Fort Victoria falls which is one of the tallest falls in the world. I was about 8 or 9 years old, mind you I stayed at this boarding school for 3 months time before seeing my family again. Sometimes my parents would pick me up and sometimes I would have to go by 2 propeller plane from Fort Victoria to Buffalo Range and my parents would pick me up at Buffalo Range airport, which was a small airport still far from the farm where we lived. I remember the journey being very far from our farm to Fort Victoria and most of the times we would have to go on a military convoy of about 30 to 35 cars because of terrorism.

On the weekends kids that lived close by had their family members pick them up or somebody sign for them and kids that lived far away would only see their family members once every 12 weeks, which seemed forever. I remember at the age of 8 or 9, I was very possesed with a childrens bible which belonged to my teacher called Mrs. Brooks which she read in class twice a week during bible study. Her husband, Mr Brooks, was a teacher there as well. They were originally from England. While these teachers worked in this boarding school and lived there, they were both very Catholic and they treated me like a son, and I know they had grown-up children which lived and studied in England. They allowed me to play with their childrens toys which they had outgrown. I was so possessed with this Bible, it had pictures, and I asked Mrs. Brooks if she could get me one right away. She mentioned it was quite a lot of money for a bible like that at the time. I didn't have pocket money and I know my parents wouldn't give me the money for that. I went to bed thinking about this bible, I woke up thinking about it and went to every class thinking about having this bible. It was a common thing for us kids at boarding school to read the version of the new testament, it was then I think Giddeons version, to each other before the bell went for lights out. It came to a point that these two teachers were going to go to England and the day they were to leave they said they would give me the bible because they knew I wanted it so badly and couldn't afford it. I finally got the bible. I was so obsessed with this bible that I don't know how to exlain what got into me

I remember one of the weekends that I stayed, one afternoon which I think was a Saturday afternoon after lunch, mind you I had never heard of a UFO in my life. We had never talked about them, nothing. This fine afternoon was just like all the other weekends, supervised by 4 teachers, we were about 9-12 kids that stayed that weekend. Normally us kids would play with action men , dinky cars, marbles, cowboys and indians, cards, and a game called skietboard and we read a lot of magazines called Look and Learn. 4 kids out of the 12 were playing cowboys and Indians with me. We made forts, and pistols out of branches, knives out of branches and I had made a bow and arrow out of a branch and a bicycle tube, and I made the arrows out of a thin bamboo that grew there. We were playing about 100 meters from where the teachers were standing and talking around the other kids. We were at the back of the boarding school and mind you every time I would shoot this bow and arrow it would go very far, normally I would shoot at trees, leaves, insects and so on. If the teachers knew I had this bow and arrow I'd get caned and they would break it in front of me. Everything was very strict in those days. That's why I played at the back and when the bell rang for us to go shower or go have dinner I would hide this bow and arrow by the trees where only I would know. So that fine afternoon at about 3 or 4 oclock, me and the kids were playing cowboys and indians and I shot my bow and arrow about 20 or 30 times at trees and bugs and stuff. There was a point I started shooting at the sky because this arrow really shot far. After my 3rd , 4th or 5th shot at the sky in different directions I noticed an aluminum coloured object, not stainless steel coloured, just hovering in the sky at about 9-10 km height above tree level but below cloud level. I observed it for probably about 5 minutes on and off. There was no noise, I could see no windows,no lights, no smoke , no fire, no aliens just and aluminum disc shaped object hanging upon nothing as a full stop. After a couple of minutes I started saying in my head that's not a plane or a helecopter. I started to say to myself why is it still in that same spot. I told one of the kids that was closest playing with me but he ignored it. I hid my bow and arrow and ran to the teachers. When I got to them they were talking to each other. I mentioned to the teachers what is that up in the sky, they were still kind of talking and I repeated myself again to get their attention . Suddenly they started looking toward where I was aiming at the disc shaped object. They didn't say a word for about 30 seconds while looking at this object, eventually one of the teachers saying it was a spaceship, one of the other teachers saying it may be a satellite. They were looking at it as if it was a thing they never saw in their life. I was very observent and the teachers kept on with their conversation and I went back to play with the kids I was playing with earlier but every 5-10 minutes I'd look up at the object and it would still be there, no movement or noise parked as a full stop, just hovering. After 3 or 4 hours the bell rang for us to go take our shower so all us kids ran inside to our rooms to get our stuff to shower. I looked up at it one more time and it was still there before I went for my shower. The shower period probably took us 15 to 30 minutes more or less. When I was done my shower and combing my hair I decided to run down the corridor so I could take a glimpse of the object one more time. Once I turned around the corner where I could see the playground it had vanished without a trace, never heard a noise or anything out of the unusual as if it didn't even exist. I never saw it again. I remember the next day waking up with a huge boil on my right leg which they sent me to sick bay. For 2 days and nights I was isolated from the rest of the kids.

That has lived in my memory until today. I'm 42 years old now I've been drawing pictures of the UFO I saw since the day I saw it, I've even created an aluminum sculpture of it, I've gathered so much information from ufo's all over the world and any mysterious thing known to man and out of every picture I've seen and researched there is only one which was taken in Belgum or France which is the same design of the one I saw except the one in Belgum or France glowed like the sun. I have researched all my life as much as I could by myself and the only things I know to hover for periods of time is the British Harrier, the mig fulcrum cobra , but these things have to move. I know no satellite can hover , no comet can hover, no falling star. Out of my conclusion and belief throughout all my studies all these years, it goes back to the bible. There is good and evil. Everything known to man was created by God. We all know there was a great war in heaven and evil was expelled to Earth to a certain realm, and the bible mentions when the devil was asked what he is doing he said he was roaming the earth, this includes all the evil spirits that were expelled from Heaven and followed him down to earth. We all know that these evil spirits in the time of Noah came down to earth and had intercouse with women and the breed were called Nephlims which were monsterous trouble makers and were all destroyed in the flood. So my belief in a lot of people that say they have been abducted the first thing that comes to mind is these evil spirits are still doing it with our women today to try and improve the size of their creation to mingle with mankind so they are not visible. God mentions in the bible "don't fear what you can see, fear what you can't see". I believe these creatures dwell in human life form which is blood. Blood is life, and is sacred to God, it's mentioned in the Bible and they are all preparing themselves for the great battle which is soon coming and I believe they are living among men already especially in high ruling government authorities such as the black project areas where there is no proof of anything, it is an untouchable dwelling, man is a puppet, an instrument of things yet to come. I truly respect any person that has encountered one of these things and I hope people don't polute this and use it for misleading people. Everything I say I believe in, I don't ask anybody to believe it if they don't want to. The only thing I can guarantee people that is true is the UFO that I saw. The other things are just my beliefs .

Two more things I've got to mention. One of the things is one night in between 12 and 1 in the morning, I grabbed a coffee and parked my car facing lake Ontario in a parking lot. I was there for a couple of minutes having my coffee, and people, you know exactly if you are facing the lake and you look on the right hand side of the sky to the furthest part where you can see no more to the left side of the lake where you can see no more either, I saw the whitest , brightest light you could imagine show up at the right side of the sky as far as you could see go right across the lake to the US side in 4 to 6 seconds until I could not see it anymore. And I can guarantee it is not any black project from any government source because anything going at that speed would disintigrate into a pile of dung. It was about 15 to 18 kilometers high.

The other thing my grandarents lived in Mozambique which was a Portuguese colony long before I was born. I come from hunting families in Mozambique and Rhodesia. When I say hunting my dad and my dad's father were professional hunters, they would shoot things such as lions, leopards, crocodiles, buffalo, zebra, baboons, kudu, impala, gazelles, elephants etc. They would go into the bush with 15 black hunters they entrusted for a month at a time without coming home. When I'm talking bush I'm talking totally with no civilization., and this was in the time before the big game hunting ban, such as elephants etc.My grandfather mentioned that where he lived, a rural area where the only lights in the skies were the stars and the moon, He mentioned there was a year that a whole bunch of lights in the sky kept coming and going for about a week in a row. It looked like they were searching for something. There were no helicopters or planes flying around that area or anything that you would know today. The other thing I have to say is my grandmother in Mozambique and my great grandmother on my mothers side, they had a farm house too, in a different town and they had pigs, chickens and 50 white female sheep and one male goat, which stayed in a barn at night. Every night the black people that worked for us would put them in the barn because of predetors such as lions, leopards etc. One morning they woke up to find all the white female sheep dead, with a hole the diameter of a cigarette in their throat. There was no blood anywhere to be found. All the organs were intact. It looked like something drained the blood of all 50 sheep. The only thing alive in the shed was the male goat. It was in a state of shock and trembling. My grandmother back in those days believed that it was the work of a leopard until this day. My research and belief to this matter that I've debated with her is something with a probe that sucked the blood of all 50 sheep. And my belief once again is that blood is life and sacred and these evil spirits dwell in it.

I have a lot more to mention but it is too much to write so I'll leave it as is.

If there is anybody that has more information on any of these things please feel free to comment.

I have recently made a page on Facebook called Aliens & Ufos. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aliens-Ufos/408289872541907?ref=hl

I have a picture of an exact replica I made in solid aluminum of exactly what I saw in the sky at Fort Victoria..

  1. caborabassa on Tue, 08/19/2008 - 22:36

    Dear Tarentino,

    Reading your post I was just back into Moçambique again in the seventies.

    We were farmers, big farmers, you had nothing like that in Rhodesia. But Rohodesia, with Ian Smith was to be the star of Southern Africa, together with Mozambique. In those days the Portuguese gave the best and apent their money in Southern Africa, and built Dams, roads, airports, ports that even today Ireland is just getting into it. (http://www.malhanga.com/mocambique/lourenco_marques.wmv)

    And streeped sheet and cattle cases, very similar to those cases being reported for ages in the US, Brazil and Argentina, did happen there in Moçambique as well. We had two cases in our farm, in the outskirts of Beira, cases which were unexplained then.

    We left (were obliged to leave) in 1976.

    OF COURSE, there has to be life in the outer space. Some of theses space turists probably like our greens, some like probably our gorgeous red blood.

    Just like us, some of us are vegetarians, some like red meat.
    When and if they  come one day to reveal themselves, that is the question!

    Greetings to you.