UFO in Lawton Oklahoma

Submitted by MikeNramonainok on Fri, 11/27/2009 - 03:11.

While my wife was on the back porch around 8 pm on the 25th of Nov 09, in west lawton near 82nd street and rogers lane, she noticed two unusual lights coming from the north west traveling toward the south east. she came inside and asked me to come out a see. At first i thought it might be two planes or Helicopers, since they frequent the area. However as i watched these two lights i noticed they stayed the same distance from each other, i realized they were closer than i thought, there was no sound at all, i also realized this wasn't two seperate objects but one long one. I went in side an got a flash light while my wife got the camera, the object was passing over the house by the time we got back outside, and she began taking pictures and i shown the light towards the object, the lights on the front and back began to fade, turned red, and completely disappeared. we continued to look in the area above the house and toward town, but never saw any other sign of the object. The photos didn't show any sign of the object.