Submitted by nickolasnick on Mon, 08/17/2009 - 05:33.

i have been watching the sky for hours every night between 10-12. and i have been seeing alot of what looks like distant stars flying around, some are white and some are orange, they change direction and move across the sky at unreal speeds. they are faint and hard to see unless you look for them, but do look for the.The other night they were flying around for 2 hours, and alot of them.

if anyone else has seen them let me know, it would cool to hear about it from someone else

  1. rubyslpr on Fri, 11/27/2009 - 23:10

    My kids and I saw the very same thing on Nov 25th!  It looked like two very bright stars moving together and keeping the same distance the entire time!  No sounds. It moved very fast and my son said they turned orange before they disappeared. I'm not sure what I think about it, especially since there seems to be so many others that have seen the same thing.   ?

  2. No1ryb on Mon, 11/09/2009 - 04:56

    I am glad I've read the other postings. This confirms my observations are creditable. I witnessed the very same faint lights from central AZ. These have the ability to travel great distance in unbelievable speeds and remain motionless as well. Not from this zip code. I am a amatuer astronomer and enjoy the clear skies of AZ, I haven't seen any lately but I'm still watching.

  3. setirobbie on Mon, 09/07/2009 - 04:47
    BTW, even an entire family near Portland Or. has seen these things for several months. They seem to have closer observations. They didn't come forward to MUFON til recently and even then asked their contact info not be public. I've had little luck with the organizations that are supposed to be keeping tabs on UFO's. Many of the experienced members seem to have closed minds and seem jaded by years of getting their hopes up only to be let down again by no real evidence. They summarily write off these sightings as "stars" or "planets" when all they have to do is look at one of the pics on my blog to see they are neither. OH, as for satellites or space station. The answer is no. Geo Sec Satellites are too high to be seen and dont' often emmitt light or move unpredictably. Nasa has real time tracking of the ISS, Shuttle and most non secret satellites. I've contacted Beal AFB and they claim no knowledge of such things. Air Traffic Control shows nothing unusual and even weather Satellite radar and IR imagry often show nothing strange. I've done my homework.
  4. setirobbie on Mon, 09/07/2009 - 04:39
    A friend and I have been recording objects in the sky since early May 09. You can see my blog (I'm a bit behind in postings) lightinthesky.net or contact me via the blogger site. Close up (400 + zoom)video shows they aren't lights, stars or anything else I've ever seen before. We have countless hours of video to still edit for content (if you've filmed things before you know the difficulties of zoom/focus/blur/camera motion and such). I've attempted to contact MUFON but, Ruben (in charge of California) seemed more interested in writing and selling books about UFO's than investigating UFO's. So, as often as we can we film and observe. It began to take a toll on physical and emotional well being (too little or broken sleep) so we have friends keep an eye out and call us when they're spotted. Again, We noticed this early May. No telling how long before it was going on. Since May, the objects have increased drastically in number, increased in the amount of time they're visable and increased in the number of nights a week we see them (started with 1 or 2 nights a week in May, now it's between 5 and 7 nights a week. I've also noticed that many reports that seem to be about different objects are actually about the same type but depending on angle, zoom, type of photography equipment used, focus, air qualtiy, eye sight, amount of light at the time and more.....the same object can be seen differently. Or perhaps they're trying to confuse us. I don't proclaim to know what they are but I know they are not supposed to be there, the authorities don't seem to know or care, they're increasing in sightings and numbers all around the world and have been doing so steadily for over 2 years now. I also know that they can emitt Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (explained on my blog site). I believe the only way we’ll answer our questions is if ultimately we all work together and share experiences, evidence, theories and wisdom or if what ever is responsible for these objects comes forward and tell us about them. These same objects have reports of sightings dating back at least as far as 1961 so if we don’t start working together, we may have to wait another 48 years before we find out.
  5. Imforthewhales on Wed, 08/26/2009 - 08:17

    yes I have seen them often, in australia and also in New Zealand. I saw a couple of them travelling in oppositie directions during a lunar exclipse one night. I was walking along our quiet road here in avalon and was looking up at the stars while i was walking. I was watching a couple of white stars travel very high in the sky, and yes they are star like and faint and you do have to look for them. Howver they can be seen, sometimes you have to concentrate on one oart of the sky for a while before you see them.

    I saw one of these whilst having a night time conversation witht he next door neighbour about flying stars in the sky.

    My best sighting was one night at palm beach sydney, i was waiting for a friend to join my on a night walk along the protected beach on the bay side of palm beach and i was looking up at the sky. There were three stars in a triangle formation, one of them started moving. They were very hight in the sky, faint and looked just like stars. Gradually they all split up and moved to different parts of the sky. One of them kept travelling till it became too faint to see anymore.

    Interesteing to hear others stories, just to confirm what it is i am seeing int he sky.




  6. Diane Julien on Sun, 08/23/2009 - 21:57

    I too watch the sky every night for atleastone hour sometimes as long as three. I have seen many "UFO's an there is no way that what I seeis not what they are. I use Binnoculars and I will tell you it is even more clear with them. I have shown many people because this is a nightly occurance.

  7. cantrells3 on Wed, 08/19/2009 - 17:22

    I've seen these too. The only difference is that I did not see any that appeared to be orange they all looked like stars but moved and stoped unlike anything i've ever seen.