Sonar discovers ufo base near the city of Östersund in Sweden

Submitted by Sten-Åke Dahl on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 21:50.

    I´m living near a fjord 90 km north of Gothenburg. I have found that ufo:s are mo- ving over this area in a very regular, disciplined way.  It seems they are working in shifts, stationed above the entrances of the fjords. From those places they are patroling along the mountanious coast. Using signals and thoughts I  succeded to make contact with the crafts and they have responded with different signals. Once I asked : " Where do you come from?". After a short while they responded sending a double blue laser blink followed by a yellow symbol that looked like a symbol for a sun. I thought it could mean a double star, may be the alfa / beta Centauri at a distance of 4.3 light years. It takes too long to describe all other amazing observa- tions. Now to the base observations that You can study on Google: search for Storsjöodjuret bilder>click on the text above four pictures>click on a picture that shows an area near the marina of Östersund. The marine archeologs have marked the picture with a red marker asking "what is this?". I have studied the 3-D photo through a magnifying glass and found: a white diver with a box on his chest, an animal with double horn and paddle fins, a discus with turret, moving from a hangar, several other crafts embedded and two lifting, an animal with long neck turning at a lifting craft, different constructions and a conical bunker with two "eyes".  This summer divers found strange things on the bottom north of the massive Hover mountain at Svenstavik, in the south part of the lake. Those envolved in this operation seem to be really chocked and they are not able to handle the delicate situation. What will happen now? How is the base going to respond? This is endeed a very difficult situation for the whole of mankind!