similar sighting as apr 2 2009 (another possible sighting)

Submitted by calderwood on Thu, 05/14/2009 - 23:54.


My name is Bill calderwood at the time was working for Boeing Areospace on the SIC first stage of the moon rocket in 1963. was surprise at the similarity of the latest sighting. This night I was out by the pool on a lounge chair gazing at a starlite nite looking for a sattleite passing by when my I noticed the big dipper, suddenly a bright star started moving from the bottom right side of the big dipper and traveled a distance to the left side then stopped sat there for about two minutes and fadded out. Always wondered if it shot out into space. Your latest sightings included the exact similar sighting dated apr 2 2009. I Studied actively UFO's for the past 50 years.

Bill Calderwood