Silver Orb

Submitted by fayslayer on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 14:38.

It's in the morning about 7.30am, the sky is quite clear and not much of traffic from nearby KL Int Airport. I was gazing the beautiful sky for about 5 mins and suddenly I saw an orb (or a silver rounded capsule) hovering over a nearby rubber estate and i can saw it very clearly. Suddenly it moves without any sound at a slow speed with a straight horizontal position for nearly 1km...wham! it goes super duper speed but i can still see it turns into a tiny!

It has been an interesting observation since the last UFO sighting we had 5 years ago where we saw (hundreds of people infact!) UFO's "dancing" in the sky at night.  Even the policemans and the fire brigades saw those dirty dancing!