saw one

Submitted by shannon4004 on Thu, 05/28/2009 - 02:38.

about 4:30am today, i went out side to smoke, and there it was. it was brighter than any star i have ever seen. it was hovering above the trees, about 10 miles from me. i watched it hoover, then change shape. this lasted  about 10 min. then it zipped away. with a light trail behind. I came inside and told my husband, he replied,,"if its not walking in our back yard, then dont worry" i have spent allday trying to figure out if it could have been the airforce base, but from the info I have gathered, it was not them.I have a good friend who grew up in the same house that I now live in, and he too has seen sightings in the past. I would like to know if I was the only one who saw this sighting or not.