Reply to Agentcooper and Rift in Space?

Submitted by Rory on Tue, 09/15/2009 - 06:11.

I read your report and found it very coincidental as I had a similar experience about six months ago.

I live in England in a small village called Denton, which nestles into the rolling hills of the South Downs near the coastal town of Newhaven.


One morning I was leaving for work at about 3 am when I looked up at the heavens to observe the stars set into an ink black sky on this clear winters night.

Like you I saw distortion and ripple as an unseen craft made it’s way through space warping and twisting as it streaked through the cosmos. To my astonishment and as if to confirm my original sighting another craft followed seconds afterwards and had exactly the same effect to the night sky.


I didn’t observe any “splodges or triangular formations” (I wish I had) but this confirms that there is something up there.