Red lights hovering around

Submitted by jessimicar on Tue, 09/01/2009 - 00:30.

(1st september 2009 at around 1am) I was outside having a cigarette and I was watching what I thought was a helicopter, thinking it was going fast because it was involved in a chase or something exciting. I watched as it hovered for a while and then zoomed SIDEWAYS towards me. It would have taken a helicopter about 2 minutes to get from where it was to where I was but it was above me in less than 30seconds. It hovered above me for about 5 minutes and I could see the outline of it, it looked like a large plane without the wings, with a bright white light and several red lights around it. I asked someone over the phone if they could hear the noise it was making, (I thought maybe I was just going insane.) it sounded like a group of helicopters. As I was on the phone it started moving forwards slowly and then just went upwards and the lights and everything disapeared. It's a very clear night and I can see satalights and stars and this "thing" disapeared from view within less than 10 seconds. My friend says its a helicopter and I'm being dramatic. I would really love to know if anyone has encountered anything like this before. (Not just so I can prove him wrong.)