Recount of a UFO experience

Submitted by Louiegi on Sat, 05/23/2009 - 02:57.

Being a believer,I had some experience with what seemed cigar type UFO up far off in the sky. A friend of mine and I were traveling in his car one evening before sundown and watch something way up in the sky. We discussed it for a while and made mention of the true or falseness of the subject but thought nothing more of it. I remembered that short sighting experience occasionally as I have traveled from that time on and often wonder. Until one day back in my island. 

I had worked during the day far away from home. After work, the boss and a few of us workers decided to go relax listening to some music.  Afterwards everybody headed to sleep. I had to travel long at that time so the boss invited me, as he had other times before, if I didn't mind his nagging wife, I could stay at his place. The upstairs of his house had an addition bedroom under construction. It still had no windows but, he decided to place a small mattress on the floor as there was no furniture yet. It felt cool with the autumn temperature on a clear night.
In the stark darkness of the night, I was laying there trying to concentrate on sleep at around 1:30 AM, but with my eyes wide open, thinking on next day's chores. I caught myself as I did other times, watching the only light reflection through the opening of a future front window, coming from across the street on the wall, at an angle that showed that the lamp post was lower than the bedroom window. I was two stories up, so, logically!
Well, as I watch, I saw a spectacular sight that I had never seen. There was the shadow of a thick line that started reflecting in the wall, and moving from right to left. It immediately caught my mind that this strange shadow could be a UFO, something that friends and I had debated many times, but I was never able to verify as true. I immediately ran to the window and watch in the stillness of the lonely night, with amazement as there was a shinny metallic plate about 4ft round in diameter, and not very thick. It was just it, and me, no one else. The city was snoring waiting for the next workday. It must have been about 2 inches thick. It had no windows, doors or lighting. I thought that this was some type of UFO remote surveillance equipment, for at that thickness or width, no type of living object could fit in it.
As I watch in awe, it was traveling at a very slow pace, maybe less than 5 MPH. It was lower than the window gap, and at about floor level, traveling in the middle of the road, avoiding the electrical wires which were parallel with the sidewalk. And as I stuck my head out the window hole, remember there was no window installed yet, the thing simply took off quicker than the speed of light, turning right and disappearing in the void.
Next morning, when I saw the boss, I made mention of this fact and he astounded me with his report. He never told this to any one in fear that he would be considered insane, but around a wide open field in the same area one early day, he saw a humongous saucer type, from which many of these smaller ones came out. He was glad that I had witness such a thing, this way no one could accuse him of having invented such story or being crazy.