Submitted by markone005 on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 15:09.

early hours this morning at 00.01-00.15 on 1st jan 2010,me and a few others went outside our house to wish people happy new year,on looking up into the sky we saw around about 10 to 15 bright orange/red lights in the sky coming from the north then head towards the south west, they seemed to travel faster than an helicopter and a plane .a few passed over head we thought it might be a plane/helicopter at first but they didn`t have any noise it was so quiet .did we see u.f.o`s or was it something else.i managed to video them on my phone but it wasn`t very gd... mark
  1. roasted.4 on Tue, 01/12/2010 - 20:26

    We also the same bright orange light on 1 Jan 2010 at 16.30gmt in budapest 17.30 local time, but only one traveling from the north-south. We watched it for around 5 minutes before if suddenly faded (appeared to switch off over 5 to 10 seconds) it would have been travelling around 200mph??.  It had no sound and positive in its direction. not very high perhaps 5-7000 feet high ??  the orange was intense in light. we were on the edge the city in with perfect clear skys. Interesting it actually crossed over the flight path to the airport, 

    iterested if anyone can explain what if was or if they also witnessed it. I know a plane when i seen one  and this was 100% something else!