the orange glow

Submitted by ajbelieves on Fri, 12/25/2009 - 23:53.

i wish i have seen this site sooner, this happened 2 years ago and i never thought to write it down but it has always been in my mind so ill be as fully detailed about it as possible.

My sister and i were driving down a well known street towards our home at the time called Hoffner, by way of goldenrod avenue. as my sister was driving i just looked foward at the cars in front of us. the speed limit was 35 so everyone was driving slow. of course it was night time around 7-8 pm. but then i saw a bright glow from a distance up in the sky, i thought it was just someone shooting fireworks, due to it being an orange ball looking object. and i found it weird that it didnt just appear it shot upwards from the ground, thats y i thought it was fireworks, but the problem was it didnt blow up. it shot up to the sky and all of a sudden holted and stood in one single spot up in the sky. glowing orange to red back to orange. then it started to circle quick , then moved little to the left of us then to the right, then as fast as i have ever seen of anything move it just zoomed upward and disappeared. now at first im freaked as if i was the only one who saw it, so i asked my sister as she kept driving and she replied " you saw it too" and from the looks of thinks a few cars ahead of us braked during that time, i sense they all saw something. it was very strange, and i just had to write it down because i hear and have read other people who have been seeing the orange ball. it was fantastic though to see it.

  1. rosebeast on Sat, 12/26/2009 - 05:26

    My daughter saw a large triangle shape with 3 lights on the sides and a red light on the bottom tonight hovering over the swamp near the I-10 Boutee Houma, La. USA Exit. She wanted to get a photo but was afraid to try as it was late and that is an elevated highway over a cypress swamp near Lake Pohchartrain and the Bonne Carree Spillway. She did not know that this is a textbook description of a UFO currently as she has been away at college with no cable TV. She called to tell me she had gotten home safe tonight but waws kind of spooked.  Then she told her Xmas tale. She did not call it a UFO, but wanted to know what I thought it might be. She says there were lots of other cars passing so somebody else must have noticed it. Any body else see this thing?