orange glow

Submitted by kissmateef on Mon, 07/13/2009 - 00:58.

was in the garden talking on the phone to my bird when i saw a bright orange glow appear in the sky (12/07/2009), i was totally stunned and immediately thought it was a plane on fire about to crash. as it got nearer i could not see any smoke and called my mother out to have a look, the object remained bright orange as it passed over, no flashing lights and it was about as high in the sky as a passenger plane. It moved as fast as a plane roughly but with no noise. As it moved away and into the distance there were other aircraft in the sky that were easily identifiable as planes, the orange object crossed the path of 2 or 3 planes so it was easy to tell the orange object was not a plane it was bigger at what seemed to be 20,000 feet. As the object moved as far as the eye could see into the sky the glow dimmed and then it just disappeared as if the craft had gone into outer space. This all happened around 10.15pm GMT and lasted for around a minute. Both my mother and I are skeptics but neither of us could explain what the object was, either a plane on fire but it didn't crash or a meteor that entered Earth and then left again without hitting the ground or a military rocket that doesn't make a sound ???????

Now, if i wasn't using my fricking phone i would have had time to film it for proof but i only have my mother as a witness and neither of us have seen anything like it before and probably unlikely to ever see it so blatantly ever again. That's my report and i just needed to get it off my chest, i haven't been drinking and i don't use drugs, thanks for reading i just hope a logical explanation can be found for the orange glowing fireball thing.

I must add the object flew from East to North West(ish) and the sky was clear so we could easily differentiate between stars and aircraft.

Update : Oh well i've seen another one during Diwali and can safely say that it was clearly a chinese lantern, not a UFO anymore, problem solved :-))