Orange Ball of flame/light?

Submitted by margaret on Tue, 12/22/2009 - 17:08.

My husband and I were out having a smoke last night (21/12/2009) around 9.40pm when he pointed out an orange ball in the sky.  We thought it was a plane but realised there was no sound, no flashing red or white lights but just a solid glowing orange light.  I was worried as I thought maybe it was a plane on fire but there was no kind of tail or afterglow to say it was moving.  We should have seen that as there were clouds that went over it for a second.  It seemed to hover in the same place for about 10-15seconds before moving a just little bit and then disappearing altogether.  Not sure if this is the correct place to report this or not.


I have seen something up in that general area before that seemed to be a white light that zig zagged across the sky but this one really freaked me out.

  1. ufo sighter on Fri, 12/25/2009 - 20:40
    2 weeks ago my friend saw an orange ball in the sky on her way to work 10/12/09 approx 7.30pm then on the 20/12/09 my aunt commented that she had seen one.....tonight at approx 5.20pm my husband shouted for everyone to come and look in the sky at the orange ball,like you there was no sound hovered then went into the distance my friend phoned about 30 mins later to say that she could see it in the sky in her area again 25/12/09 we are in east yorkshire
  2. brookd on Fri, 12/25/2009 - 20:09

    We have just seen something very similar in Cambridgeshire

  3. chris-euro on Fri, 12/25/2009 - 18:02

    the date is 25th dec 09 we live in a village near chipping norton time about 5.15 this evening my wife called me to see a ball of fire moveing quickly  over head traveling i would say north.there was no noise & no flashing lights just a orange ball i would say. i watched it for about 1 minute it did seem to hover a little as it went out of sight.i am sure it was not a plane as i would have heard the engines being that close.just wondering if anyone elce saw it in our area.

  4. bernie_ramone on Fri, 12/25/2009 - 11:33

    yes...but where are you?

     please start with where you live and what country?


    america is NOT the world...  ;)