sighting at our grandparents' house

Submitted by e6722maj on Sun, 10/12/2008 - 01:11.

  it was the mid to late seventies.  me and my brother were staying at our grandparents' for the weekend.  i think it was summer.  we would have been aged 10 - 14 years.  one night that weekend, me and my brother were sleeping in the front bedroom.  our gran woke us in the early hours, saying we should 'come and see something'.  sleepily we rose and followed her, back to her room.  on entering we saw grandad, standing by the window in his pyjamas.  coloured light was washing over him, and he was staring up and out of the window.  w

One used to visit me

Submitted by pharmgirl on Wed, 10/08/2008 - 01:34.

It is exciting to find this web site.  For years I have told friends and coworkers about my friend with the "pink glowing head".  Having grown up in the farmland of north-central PA, my brother, sister, and I have seen some amazing things in the night sky.  With no street lights around it was possible to see shooting stars, airplanes (we weren't too far from the Elmira, NY airport across the state line), among many other unexplainable night-sky occurances.  I have a couple of experiences to share, but my memories of this "pink glowing head" is the mos

ufo before school

Submitted by ufo kid on Mon, 10/06/2008 - 19:56.

today me and my friends where at school when we looked up and up in the sky was a oval deep in the was very weird so that is my story . and in texas there was another ufo sighting . heres a fact for you to ,did you know that people say that when people from other parts of the world are obducted the alians are more agressive to them as to people in the u.s.a.

Drumheller UFO

Submitted by zoomer on Fri, 10/03/2008 - 21:49.

It was late at night and I was out in the tractor combining the field. 

The night sky has been has really impressive lately, with what seems like the whole sky lit up with bright stars .  But I guess I am just noticing it more because I have been farming outside late at night so much.

Anyway, last night  I saw a brilliant bright orange object go zooming across the sky.

I could tell this was no star, because it was at least 3x bigger than the largest star in the sky.  And it was moving at an incredible speed & turning it's direction.

Sighting at work

Submitted by Diabolikal Fear on Wed, 10/01/2008 - 00:29.

On Saturday, September 27th, 2008 at about 0115 I was outside having a cigarette and talking on the phone on my break from work.  I work at KEVN in Rapid City, SD so there really isn't alot of activity out here, which made this even weirder.  While I was standing outside, I saw a ball of light in the distance.  At first, I didn't really give it much thought because the airport and the Air Force base are both very close.  The ball was just casually sitting there as if it was a helicopter, but then it started to move.  Then it moved towards me and two light beams came

Night Lights

Submitted by joyciekh on Sat, 09/27/2008 - 17:39.

On the night of September 18, 2008, at about 8:00 PM, unusual lights appeared in the sky over New Hampshire.  At first I thought the two bright lights heading in my direction were a couple of airplanes.  But, there was no sound.  There was no blinking.  The lights moved closer  to me and appeared as though they would run into each other.  Suddenly they stopped moving.  They got brighter, and then there were four lights strung across the sky like a necklace.  The lights dimmed and then moved off in different directions.  I watched for an hour

I told ya so, now believers

Submitted by jpap on Sat, 09/27/2008 - 00:52.

 Tampa Bay Area, 8:20 p.m., 9/26/08.  We saw a Very Bright Blue object with a white tail.  It was traveling at a rate of speed no know aircraft could attain.  The object scared us. The combination of the shape,speed, bright blue color, bright white tail and total lack of sound (windows were down)was somewhat creepy.  We were traveling west to east and it appeared directly in front of us. My family is spooked.  Did anyone else see this object and if so please post your sighting.

Dr jarrod Johnson says help me buy

Submitted by Dr Jarrod Johnson on Mon, 09/22/2008 - 05:26.

Help me buy: 1.Have seen an UFO 2. where 3.Time 4. year me at:

disc,s traveling east to west

Submitted by charlieg on Sun, 09/21/2008 - 00:46.

About 1960 on a summer late afternoon approaching twilight I was about to  push a twin engine cessna 310 into the main hanger,I glanced over to my left toward  the Eastern horizon and noticed four maybe five opaque disc,s traveling towards me,they traversed from East to West and disappeared from view into the Western horizon in likely less than half a minute.There wasn,t any noise,or contrails or lights,just the  glow like from an opaque lamp.Having been raised at my parents FBO I had seen many various aircraft and these disc,s bore no resemblence to anything I had ever seen.

Halloween night 1996

Submitted by kaotiksymphony on Wed, 09/17/2008 - 21:17.

My Sighting goes back to 12 years ago, October 31th 1996, I was driving back from Montreal with my boyfriend at the time, It was around 8pm I think but it's a long time ago so lets just say that it was dark. We took the 148 back to Gatineau, it's a very quiet highway at night and all you see on that road are farms, a few houses and lots of trees and fields...well not that night!