My First UFO sighting

Submitted by clark72 on Fri, 03/27/2009 - 23:14.

Even when I was younger before my first sighting I was very amazed about the moon and stars. I even  asked my dad to buy me a telescope to see the moon and stars a bit closer . Since I got my first telescope, you will always see me staring up the sky as if I am waiting to see something. One clear night, all the stars are well visible and very nice to look at, I was at the back of the house staring up and watching the stars. Suddenly one of the stars just suddenly moved in zigzag direction. I shouted to call my eldest sister to have a look and also saw how that one star is moving towards the left. After moving a couple of feet a way but maybe equivalent to kms or miles up there, the star stopped and stayed at the same position until we slept. I have never seen a moving star since but still staring up until now hoping to see it again.