morphing lights reveal blazing fast craft in the suburbs

Submitted by synaesthesia on Fri, 01/02/2009 - 16:25.

A friend and I were coming home from another friends house in Mundelein, she was driving and I was shotgun- as we were driving on Buffalo Grove road, I noticed a stationary object in the south east skies. I exclaimed "whats with the UFO?" jokingly, as we both look at the object it begins to morph into diferent colors-  these were not lights that you would see on a plane helicopter blimp or anything- not strobe lights and not LED's. nothing like that, They had flares of color, it seemed to be a ball of colorchanging light at first, started orange and changed to green on oposing sides of the craft, orange-green orange-green, and FLASH (blue) was SO STRANGE, then the craft began to move, at this point we stopped the car and I turned off the music- as it turned- it was DEAD SILENT, i had the music off and the door open, in a quiet suburb of chicago, which made me for sure believe it was not of our makings, no sound.. not a helicopter or plane I had nothing in the sky to compare the size to but I believe it was close, about as high as a helicopter flies, and moved EXTREMELY RIDGID and rapidly, after seeing this thing move in a few different directions, accelerating from a dead stop to extreme speed and stop again, like a humming bird- I started to freak out a little... Okay me and my friend freaked out alot! I was exclaiming, What the hell is that thing?! oh my god! oh my god!! AMAZING!!! we had a few minutes to watch the spectacular color changing and start stop motion, and it dawned on me that, there are probably creatures inside controlling this thing, and the question arose, what do they want? why are they here? we both had this feeling that the pilots of this craft knew we were looking at it, and as this feeling came over me, the craft shot into the sky at if I had to guess something like 20,000 miles per hour, which is how fast meteors fall, and it seemed to be about that fast, Un-believeable! I was always a skeptic but after seeing this event, I am a believer- I would not spend time making up a story that never happened, this was a spectacular and beautiful thing to see, I just wish I had caught it on tape, but now I have the UFO neck syndrome, if it is a clear night, I am looking up in hopes to see something of this sort again- I hope it happens!