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Submitted by katseesufosaz on Sun, 12/14/2008 - 04:46.

I live near a small airfield. Looking west from my backyard, there are radio tower red flashing lights, to guide the planes.  In 1996 I seen the six lights that were seen in Phoenix ,"The Phoenix UFO Lights," but I seen the lights in Tucson.  Those six lights were near the radio tower as are many I have seen. Usually they light up one at a time, slowly, then all together, and very amber, low in the sky. But this summer I have seen different lights. Flashing brilliant lights, like shooting stars. They appear to fall quickly ,then take off like a satellight. Also my granddaughter and I were driving near a park in the day time, and a UFO, small round ball like object, flew right over our car. We tried to get a picture, but it took off very fast. It looked like a white ball, then turned into a bright white light.  My granddaughter has also seen the low glowing amber lights near the radio tower. We will now log times and dates of what we see. There are just too many to ignor now. Hopefully, we can get a good picture, or video.