Massive Object Crashes Over Edmonton, Canada

Submitted by zoomer on Fri, 11/21/2008 - 01:43.

Just got a phonecall from someone who saw a massive object light up the entire Northwest sky over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Apparently - and this is only hearsay at this point - but police have closed some roads in Edmonton because chunks of a meteor have landed all over the city!

Did anyone else see this ? Or any extra information ?

The person who called me saw it - he said it so bright and intense it was scary. He said there was a massive flash and he thought that the flash was actually an impact! I said no way dude - typically a bright meteor flash is resistant from the atmosphere, and an actual impact would be really rare.

He was about 1 hour south of Edmonton as this happened so he could not verify the potential impact location.

After searching Google News, I can confirm his report: