landed in front of me

Submitted by frackster on Sat, 08/08/2009 - 17:48.

I was out in my front yard last night with a friend of mine, sucking down some seriously wicked weed, when a ufo landed right on the street in front of us. Two aliens came out of the ufo. I said to my friend "Will ya take a look at that !" And he said " come we never see this when we're straight dude ?" I said "I dunno". Then one of the aliens started probing my friend. My friend started screaming. Then the other alien (who strangely enough looked alot like me) was eye balling me. So I started to panic and ran into the house before I  got the same sort of treatment my friend's was getting. When I got inside I looked out the lounge room window and the alien was finishing probing my friend. The alien did kind of a moon-walk back to the ufo and the other one said "thank you very much" as he entered the spacecraft and flew away.

I went back outside to have another cone with my friend and to ask him how he was ? He was moaning and groaning about how much it hurt. I told him to stop his whinging and said I'm surprised a poofter like him didn't enjoy the experience. We both continued to cone on.