Help me figure out what this was.. its been bothering me for 2 years

Submitted by noname on Sun, 12/27/2009 - 03:41.

 I had a experience a couple of years back.

I was on my way home, i was driving abit to fast and then it flashed really bright, i belived i drove threw one of those automated speed cameras.
Well guess again, i didnt and i realized that when i turned my head to the left and the light became constant, it was comming from the woods next to the road, there was a tree line close to the road a litle hill up and a house on the top,
, light was comming from below the house almost at the top of the hill, ca 150 meters away from the car and was directed straith into my car, when i say bright light i meen it was so white and so bright it reminded me of a blitz but it wasnt cause it was now constant light.
my window wasnt all the way up and when the light was turned of i saw several white shadows in the forest right next to the road running after my car, belive me when i say it was running really fast, i could hear a lot of cracking sounds
as the debree from trees where stepped on, and the sound of something running threw high grass.
i never turned my head to side window again, it was like something told me not to look,i just kept looking straith forward and kept going, i didnt think to mutch about it then, but i was wondering about the light,
never before had i seen a light that bright.
a couple of km up the road i noticed a triangular arangement of lights, red, green, blue, it was on the ground close to the mountan wall, it had 1 light above and 2 on bottom, the sides where not straith they
where slightly rounded.
at first i belived its probably just an entrance to a military facility or something.
It was really dark and there were no lights exept those 3 colored lights, they didnt light up the suroundings and i could bearly see a shape betweem the lights.

But thinking about it later i asked myself these questions.
Would the military put a ungarded entry (no fence or anything) right next to the main road.
Have u ever heard of a door being marked with red,green, blue lights?
Why didnt i notice it when i was driving the other way.

i think the blue light was on top and the red and green was on the bottom, this is 2 years ago so i dont exacly remember how the order of the colors was.
I was on my way from Notodden in Norway to Porsgrun.

could it be that this was some beings not humans that chased me, and those lights where comming from a landed craft.

Im hoping this site alows comments because i would really like to figure out what this was, and im sorry about my english, hopefully its readable :)