Submitted by medinalake on Fri, 04/03/2009 - 16:26.

I work law enforcment on a lake in Bandera County called Medina Lake. Last summer in "08" we were patroling the lake late one night around 2:00 am. we were blacked out floating in the middle of the lake watching for anything out of the ordenary, this can get very boaring at times so I was sitting back star gazing, it was close to a full moon that night and I was looking at the moon and at that time of year there is allways a bright star or plannet that is next to the moon and very bright I think it Venus or Saturn at the moons 1 oclock, when all of the sudden it started to moving slowly downward, way below and to the moons 6 oclock position then stop,  then moved upward to the moon to the moons close 6 oclock stop, then move to the moons 3 oclock stop, then move back to where it started at the moons 1 oclock, and never moved again!  Very odd !!!