First sightings

Submitted by diamondhead on Sun, 02/22/2009 - 10:33.

My first sighting was in 1974 at a Tottenham Hotspur football match. It was winter,snow on the ground and bloody cold. We were playing Manchester city(drew 2-2,Peter Taylor scoring both goals), the game had finished and we had just left the stadium,it was dark. A crowd of people were staring up at a bright light in the sky.Thought it was a star at first when its brightness intensified and it shot up and  out of sight in a second. That was me hooked on the sky,have been looking up ever since.

My second sighting was in Herne Bay,Kent. I was with my girlfriend Lisa at her mums caravan. We were sitting outside after returning from the parks club, it was quite warm with a clear starry sky. I was pointing out the satellites as they were crossing overhead. I noticed a brighter speck moving differently,very erratic movements which suddenly stopped. Stayed in the same position for about 20 seconds then moved off doing very erratic movements again. Lisa became a bit jumpy,did'nt like what she had seen,scared her a bit and refused to talk about it.

I have had several sightings since,the last was 2 weeks ago whilst i was working.I was standing outside the premises having a cigarette at around 1pm,looking up as i always do, i saw what i at first thought was a balloon,as it got closer i became rooted to the spot. It was an orb,controlled movements in and out of the clouds.I watched it for about 30 seeconds and was thrilled to pieces. I had seen videos and pictures of orbs but here was my own sighting.

Eyes to the skies, i'm sure there is a lot more to come