Bright White Rectangular Lights!

Submitted by Fourstringthing on Sun, 10/19/2008 - 23:46.

At about 1am last night (early morning of sunday, 10/19/08), 5 friends and myself were driving home, there were no other cars on the road and it was very dark (only about 1/2 moon out) when I saw what I initially thought was a shooting star on my left (South-East). The streak was bright white and went from high in the sky to low behind the trees (which were about 50 yards away and 30 feet high).  The streak of light dissappeared behind the trees and a moment later a large rectangularly shaped patch of light appeared above us on our right (North-west).  The vehicle we were travelling in was moving about 65-75 mph and the rectangular light was obscured by the roof of my car as I got close to it and it was directly on our right.  It is then that 4 of my passengers witnessed a second large rectangular light appear next to the first and together they travelled over the highway behind us and disappear behind more trees.  The lights were very bright white, so much so that they were almost bluish, and my back right passenger said he saw the two rectangular patches as bulging out in the center, leading us to believe they were cylindrical in shape, like two cans of soup.

About four miles north east of where we saw these lights is Sikorsky airfield, where they build and test airplanes and helicopters, so this may have been something from there, but if so they are making some very interesting airships!

  1. katseesufosaz on Sun, 12/14/2008 - 23:56

    The flashing white lights you describe are flying all around Tucson, and they are NOT jets or helicopters!. They look like a shooting star, but so much brighter, then I see them fly off, like a satelite. Also when I have seen the low amber lights, the bright flashing lights are near. I have been watching the sky all of my 50 years, and can explaine every light I see, meteors, planes, jets, choppers, lightening. And I know that I am now witnessing UFOS, and no one can tell me any thing different.