bright intense lights in the sky,

Submitted by sarasota on Sun, 11/22/2009 - 02:38.

I have lived in this city, for over 20 yrs and on 2 occasions I have encountered intense blue and white, stationary and moving starlike lights in the nightime skies, and one daytime encounter with 3 metallic disk  form objects .  The daytime objects appeared in the  southwestern sky July of 1982 around 3pm as I was lounging around a my  swimming pool, I was on my back on a lounge chair lookng up at  the clouds on a warm summer day, I was looking at a small puffy cloud formation , when three chrome silver objects, at approx. 2000 ft jumped out above this cloud formation. just above the cloud edge.  I observed them for about 30 seconds. then they went back behind the cloud  edge at a quick speed with no noise. They disappeared.  The nightime objects appeared twice on different  dates and years.  One appeared in the night summer sky of 2004, at approx  11pm while I was walking out of my garage.  I looked up in the southeast sky and noticed a bright intense blue light moving slowly to the direct west.  It blinked twice with an intense illumination like a flashlight ,which looked like directley at me then went completely out and disapperared with no noise.  Another occasion happened at approx, 10:30 in July of 2007 when I was sitting in folding camping chairs, with my neighbor, on his patio talking politics, My neighbor was facing due south , I was was facing west a few feet away.  I then saw a bright white  light , right behind my neighbor at high altitude, at  about 70 degrees above tne horizon. in the northern sky.It blinked once at high intensity and then went out,  then vanished again no noise, I never said a word to my neighbor, because it happened so quick,and wasn,t sure what I saw, Has anybody else had similiar experiences?