Blink, Blink, Blink

Submitted by bridgers on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 18:14.

My husband and I recently moved to Fort Kent, Alberta Canada From Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We moved into our new home in July 09' out in the country, little did we know that the little quiet  town known as Fort Kent, Alberta has quite the reputation for paranormal activity such as Ghosts, and the pressence of an evil spirit known as the " Wendigo" There have been many sightings of ghosts in this town, as well as the Wendigo. This town was built in the 1800's all the houses and buildings contained in this town are not upgraded at all, they are all 18th century - 1920 style homes. 
The other night on " September 12/ 2009" My husband and I were having company over just a few drinks with some friends, and of course our dog had to go outside and pee. We all went outside for some fresh air, and I was looking up into the sky at the stars and i had seen what looked like to be a shooting star. I said to everyone " Oh look a shooting star make a wish" and they all looked up. Meanwhile it was not a shooting star, this object was floating around at an alarming rate and very fast i might add. It stopped, and blinked at us 3 times, then circled a star and stopped again blinking at us now 5 times. I ran inside grabbing my laptop and searching for the sattellite positions with NASA. The sattellite that was out here that night was positioned on the opposite side of the house. It was not a meteor shower, or anything else of that sort. I looked at everyone, then up at the sky and i said " That is not a sattellite, nor a meteor.. I do believe it is an UFO". It was about 10:30pm at night, and this lasted for about 30 minutes. It came in close and blinked at us, and shot back up in the sky, and circled around orions belt, continuously blinking. By this time we were all Amazed at this UFO. We just stood there staring at it like a deer caught in headlights. At 11:02pm It did a figure 8 circle around two stars.. Stopped, and blinked 3 times, except this time the blink of the light was much more brighter than it was the entire time we were watching. Then it Shot up into the sky and out of our sight, it hasen't been seen since. 
I can honestly say that was the first time in my life I have ever seen a UFO in the sky. I have seen lots of the paranormal such as ghosts and etc. But never in my life had i seen anything like I had seen on Saturday night. It was amazing, and so mezmerising! I wanted to share my Experience with the world!
I hope sometime in the future, I will get to see something  like that again.

- Britney Ridgers 
 Fort Kent, Alberta, CANADA