4 Orange Orbs

Submitted by Lix187 on Fri, 08/28/2009 - 21:49.

It was friday the 25th july, me and my girl friend were camping at a camp site called bay view, we were sitting out side on the grass at night chatting a way when suddenly we saw a big orange ball comeing across the night sky we imediatly seaid wot the hell is that, it was makeing no sound and it had no strobe lighting to identify itself as any human built aircraft the time was 22:54 i got my phone out and filmed it after so long it turend into a black dot then i watched till i couldnt see it ne more. Then at 22:54 we spotted 2 more side by side and we couldnt belive it they were going in the same direction as the first one then disapeard as if some 1 had switched off a light , then again the same night we see 1 more on its own at 23:02 heading the same way out to sea, we wernt the only ones to see it the camp site was full i heard people saying are they meteors or one person wonderd was it gas but it was definatly a craft of some kind, it seens alot of people have seen theses orange orbs mayby soon we will find out exactly what they are.