39 Years Later

Submitted by Tracee on Wed, 02/25/2009 - 01:46.

It was Spring in 1970.  I was 10 years old.  We were just returning home from my tutor lesson, about 4:30 pm, it was a clear day.   My Mom was driving West on 39th Expressway about a half a mile before our exit onto Overholser Drive.  We saw a bright, round, light high in the sky so bright it was almost blinding, like metal  being reflected off the sun.   I said " What's that"?   As she drove closer the bright disk shaped object started shifting at an unreal speed, zig -zagging, going left, then right and up, then left again.  We both didn't know what in the world  this was.  My Mom made her turn, West onto Overholser Drive, away from the bright light.  I started getting scared and anxious.  I pressed my face against the car window.   Looking up trying to see where it was and what it was.  I started crying, Yelling "It's over us"!   "It's over us"!  My Mom pulled the car over to the side of the rode.  We both just looked at it in amazment.   The UFO was not this bright light we just saw eailier.  It  was a hugh, disk shaped craft made of some kind of metal, the size of a least 4 to 6 houses and their yards combined, hovering over us in complete silence.   My Mom drove another 4 blocks to our house.  I flew out of the car, ran through the house to the back yard.   Our house backed to Overholser Drive.   Looking the direction where we saw it, to see if it was still there......  It was gone.   We told my Dad and Sister what we saw.  All we got was laughter and smart elic remarks "Did little green men come out"?  We both know we saw something not from this world and I will NEVER forgt it.