New Arizona UFO Footage Stirs Controversy

Submitted by UFO Guy on Tue, 01/09/2007 - 05:00.

This video uploaded to YouTube from a user who claims his Uncle took the footage and gave it to him.

"My uncle filmed this relatively recently before his passing, he always claimed to have a great deal of UFO items and such but this is the best i've seen. His stories of ET contact are quite interesting and span a great deal of time. If there is enough interest i will post updates.I believe this was captured on a cell phone but im not sure. "

The user has opened a discussion thread on Above Top Secret. In the discussion, he claims that his Uncle has died since the filming of this footage but that he does intend to post additional information. The community remains skeptical.

While it is possible this is a CG hoax, the authenticity has not yet been disproved. See the video below.

User's video on YouTube
Above Top Secret forum thread