2 UFO's with each with red light in centre with large reddish orb around them

Submitted by Mr J Sproule on Tue, 08/11/2009 - 23:11.

At approx. 22.20hrs on Tuesday 11th August 2009, by pure chance I had remembered late to post my friend's birthday card as his birthday is 13/08. On leaving the house to post the card in the nearby postbox, I just happened t look up in the sky.  To my utter amazement, I could not fail to see a large reddish circle of light surrounding a smaller central brighter red light.  This object was moving at the sort of speed you would expect from a conventional aircraft, but was making no sound whatsoever, was clearly absolutely like nothing I have ever seen in my life before.  I was utterly dumbfounded.  I quickly banged on my lounge door (which was locked) to get my wife out to see this object.  My wife then came out.  My wife is cynical about UFO's so when she was utterly amazed by what we were clearly seeing - that will give you some idea of the situation we found ourselves in.

As we  walked out away from the house a little, we became aware that there was a second, identical object travelling in a parallel direction with the first object.  Again zero noise.  These objects were travelling from the direction of  Denbury towards Kingskerswell.  I would estimate that these objects were at about two thirds the height that normal air traffic that passes the area but I do stress it is almost impossible really to know without knowing the actual size of these craft.  They seemed massive compared with normal air traffic in the area.  After observing the two objects for about 30 seconds with my wife, the object to the left of the two 'dimmed' down to the point that the reddish orb/surround disappeared. The central brighter red light seemed then to stop in mid air and then disappear.  My wife and I continued to watch the second object for approx. another 1 minute.  I did manage to frantically find our digital camera and managed to get two photos of the object as it too started to dim.  Unfortunately the large reddish aura around the object had 'dimmed' away by this point.  We do have a half decent photo of the object that was in the centre of the whole mass. 

There is NO WAY we are the only people to have seen these objects.  Air traffic in the area is fairly regular.  The skies were beautifully clear.  Any pilot in the sky within bloody miles would clearly have seen these HUGE RED objects in the dark sky.

I have absolutely no doubts that what we saw tonight was not of this world.  I couldn't care less what people think.  I know what I saw.  If someone tries to tell me it was a hot air balloon or lights caused by argon gas, I will smile at them.